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1. Best Optical Quality, including spherical refractive power, astigmatic refractive power, primastic refractive power & Light diffusion
2. Protective Film against damage or scratches
3. Frontal & lateral Impact Resistance
4. Adjustable Aluminium edge reinforcements
5. High-speed particle impact resistance at extremes temperature
6. Super UV Protection
7. Protection against splashes and liquid
8. Resistance to ignition
9. Made in Taiwan
10. Size : 8” x 15.5” (20cm x 39cm), Thickness 1.0mm, Material : Polycarbonate
11. EN 166, ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3

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A Fully Tested High Speed Particle Impact Resistance. Tested with the impact of 6mm bead traveling at speed of 120m/s at extreme temperature, FC48 is a give-it-a-go Visor that will protect above the neck from any harmful impact.

Specifications for " BLUE EAGLE FACE SHIELD VISOR FC48 "


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